U V Curable Coating

U V Coating

SBL Specialty Coatings (formerly Saboo Coatings) is proud to be among the first companies in India to successfully introduce UV-Curable Coatings. These products, which are cured by high intensity ultra violet rays (UV) provide a fantastic new option for our clients looking for an extremely high quality, low DFT, ultra-hard and environmentally friendly coatings option.

We have these coatings available in various systems including 100% solvent-less; solvent-based; water- based; and Dual-Cure Systems for complex articles. The various chemistries include Epoxy Acrylate, Pure Acrylate, Aliphatic / Aromatic Urethane Acrylate and Polyester Acrylate.

The versatile coatings can be used on multiple substrates including wood, glass, metal, metalized and raw plastic; and they have a wide range of applications in various industries such as

  • furniture, home furnishings and wood flooring
  • cosmetics packaging
  • home electronics (for TV cabinets, PCBs, solder resist, CDs/DVDs etc.)
  • auto components and accessories
  • leather and textiles.

We are supplying UV Curable coatings to several leading industry houses in India. We invite you to consider them for your applications. We’ll custom formulate them to your needs and then, our world-class services and support team will ensure that our product continues to work well for you. At SBL Specialty Coatings, we see ourselves as a partner in your success.

Unlimited Possibilities

  • Solvent-free Formulations Possible.
  • This eliminates problem with solvent emission and environmental concerns.

  • Rapid Cure at Ambient Temperatures.
  • It takes 1 second for curing.

  • Reduced Energy Consumption.
  • UV consumes 1/5th of the energy needed to cure solvent-based coatings.

  • Accommodates Thermally Sensitive Substrates.
  • Substrates like plastics can be safely coated.

  • High Process Automation.
  • Process is readily automated for in line coatings and sequential operations can take place on the same line, providing excellent productivity in high volumes

  • Space Optimization.
  • UV lamps take up much less space than thermal ovens.

  • Product Quality.
  • These specialty coatings provide excellent visual and performance properties.

We’ll work harder every day to ensure that "We Make You Look Good"TM.

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