SBL Specialty Coatings (formerly Saboo Coatings) has ISO 9001:2015 certified state of the art manufacturing facilities covering over 3500 square meters with an extensible capacity of apprxomately 15 KL/day and equipped with latest techonologies for the manufacture of liquid coatings products. We have stringent quality control processes that assure a first-time acceptance of ~99%. Our Facilities is protected by an extensive fire management system and full back-up generators provide for uninterrupted production in the event of power failures.

In addition, we have an In-house resin production faciliy to produce acrylic and alykd resins with more than adequate capacity to fulfill of our internal consumption needs, today and in the future. These resin plants allow us to create customized and cost effective resins that in turn allows us to create optimized product formulations and assure batch to batch uniformity.

  • Attritors (Multiple Sizes): 4
  • Bead Mills (Multiple Sizes): 9
  • High Speed Disperser: 5
  • Mixers (multiple size): 22
  • PUG Mill: 1
  • Sand Mill: 1
  • Extensive measuring and calibration machinery
  • Computerized testing equipment
  • Underground solvent storage with automatic pump dispensation.

SBL Specialty Coatings is also engaged in contract manufacturing for other Industrial Coatings Manufacturers. The Facilities is situated on chandigarh Delhi highway for easy connectivity with all places.

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  • SBL Specialty Coatings Private Limited, Haibatpur Road,
    Derabassi -140507, Punjab (INDIA)